Don’s Car Wash

Don’s Car Wash has serviced the Lake Charles community for 50 years. They are a full-service car wash and lube oil shop. They specialize in express washes as well as full auto detailing. Their lube shops focuses on engine, transmission, and differential services. Don’s has three locations in Lake Charles, LA. In 2015, Don’s took advantage of outsourcing all their staffing needs to CS Companies Gulf Coast. There are currently 60-70 personnel working daily to operate all the car washes and lube oil shops at the three locations.

The Challenge

Significant corporate resources were required for car wash staffing because of the high turnover level in this industry. The staffing and hiring process at two locations was draining corporate resources. Don’s Car Wash and Lube Oil Shop is an aggressively growing business in Lake Charles, LA area. They have well over 50 employees, making health insurance required for all employees according to ACA (Affordable Care Act).

The client was handling staffing internally. ACA healthcare was not established but was going to be required. The client was looking at having to hire and train additional corporate personnel.

Our Process

Our representative met with Don’s to discuss their concerns and needs to develop a solution. We understand that each business is unique and so are their needs. We designed a solution to help lighten the load for the business.

Our Solution

By outsourcing staffing, payroll, and healthcare administration, this eliminated the need to hire additional staff. CS Companies Gulf Coast was able to implement an employee benefit program in accordance with the ACA. Outsourcing this benefit program to CS Companies Gulf Coast has allowed Don’s Car Wash the opportunity to continue to focus on their core competencies while providing excellent service and growing their business.


Allowing CS Companies Gulf Coast to partner with Don’s has given them the opportunity to stay fully staffed despite the high turnover. They also appreciate the health insurance benefits that are offered, keeping them in compliance with ACA requirements.