Our unique story

Overcoming obstacles, projecting confidence, and staying positive in challenging times.

Our passion is helping others

Our roots

The roots of CS Companies Gulf Coast were established well before we opened our doors in 2005. Laura Richard, SW Louisiana Account Manager, had been working for a local firm that dissolved their staffing business sector. Laura reached out to a local management team that listened and learned that she had a heart for staffing. That management team (Mark Ieyoub, Tracy Stringer, Brandt Smith, and Ray Rogers) was moved by Laura’s passion for staffing and started a company that has been blessed with success. Our SW Louisiana office is in Lake Charles. 


Texas office

An office in SE Texas was established in 2007 in challenging times after a major hurricane, an all too common occurrence in our area. Stephanie Hyde, SE Texas Account Manager, initiated a grass-roots effort, working out of her car and house, to grow and establish a local business in SE Texas. Our SE Texas Office is in Bridge City.


Louisiana office

In 2015, CS Industrial, LLC was formed in SW Louisiana and SE Texas. CS Industrial focuses on industrial staffing services with local industries.



In 2020, CS Professional Employment, LLC – a PEO (professional employer organization) company – was formed to serve Louisiana and Texas. This company provides HR outsourcing, including payroll and workers’ compensation, employee benefit management, risk management services, and related human resources services.


Let us help

We know that our history allows us to be the best in the business to help others. When applicants come to us, they are often in a bad position or facing uncertain times. Or a business may need help navigating uncharted waters. We understand what it’s like to go through tough times. We do our best to encourage employees and businesses, and help them achieve their dreams.

We hope you enjoyed our story, and we would love to be a part of your story.