How an Outsourced Staffing Solution Can Help Your Business

If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely exploring ways to increase the flow of candidates to your business. In-house recruiting is critical, but sometimes – particularly in manufacturing – staffing needs arise that call for reinforcements. Relying on luck to fill the extra positions associated with these needs isn’t a great idea, but developing a long-term relationship with a staffing agency could be a great solution. Here are just five reasons.

1.      It Cuts Down on Overhead.

If you have a need for staffing that isn’t necessarily permanent, working with a staffing agency could allow you to bring on temporary employees that don’t come with costs like benefits and employer taxes.

2.      It Makes Sense for Seasonal Businesses.

If your company sees a spike in activity during the holidays or some other seasonal window, working with a staffing agency can save you the time and cost of filling the same positions every year.

3.      Staffing Agencies Are an Expert Recruiting Resource.

If your facility had water damage from a flood, you’d call in an expert to handle cleanup and restoration of services. A staffing need merits the same level of professional assistance. Staffing agencies have the experience and knowledge to help you find the right talent that fits your company. And many agencies specialize in specific industries, making them even more efficient at meeting your needs.

4.      You Can Get the Specific Skills You Need.

Most staffing needs involve more than just getting enough warm bodies to fill vacancies. They call for skilled workers. Staffing agencies maintain lists of candidates who bring specific know-how to the table. Whether you need assembly workers, forklift operators, or shipping technicians, staffing agencies can fill the gap.

5.      You Can ‘Audition’ Potential Permanent Employees.

If the temp-to-hire model is one your company is embracing, staffing agencies are a natural fit. Working with an agency gives you the opportunity to see candidates in action – with the reduced costs mentioned above – before committing to a permanent hire. It also gives candidates a preview of what a full-time career with your business might look like.

Don’t Just Take It from Us

Our team of recruiters and temporary staffing specialists creates connections between job seekers and employers staffing light industrial, administrative, and professional positions. And the businesses we help have a consistently satisfying experience.

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